The Bride Edition by Dop Ameen – June 2017

8-15 June 2017 photography exhibition at Maggie Choo's Bangkok

Bangkok Psycho Art Gallery l Bride Edition l Photography Exhibition @ Maggie Choo's in Bangkok




Bangkok Psycho The Bride Edition is a Deviant Art composition of conceptual photographs in black and white printed on canvas by photographer Dop Ameen. Each image explores sexual aspects of masculine identity in relation to fantasies, urges, desires, dilemmas, frustrations and other forbidden themes. The female body is represented as an object of desire; of conquest. In contrast, the mask of death which she wears is an interrogating mirror imposed on the man, the conqueror. It invites him to reflect on the motivations which push him to either submit to or resist his urges. Each shot places the man face to face with a desire to satisfy, a choice to make, a decision to take, an action to follow through on. The mask constantly reminds him that he cannot ignore the consequences. The composition of each photo lets the viewer draw their own conclusions. The models are all young Thai women, hoping for a conceptual and artistic experience of self-discovery. The Bride lets them anonymously explore their own fantasies while using their bodies to stage the images, but it also lets them be aware of the feeling of being in possession of, and therefore divested of, themselves. For the woman, conquered by the man, everything begins when she gives herself over to him. This is in contrast to the man, for whom this signals the beginning of the end – an age-old misunderstanding which is invariably still present today. Only artificial intelligence can let us predict if it will linger. The Bride explores these paradoxical concepts along a ridge line that will lead each viewer to examine their own conscience. The first Bangkok Psycho Deviant Art Exhibition (The Bride Edition) will take place exclusively in Bangkok from June 8th to 15th 2017 at Maggie Choo’s.




– Exhibition on view 8th – 15th June 2017

– At Maggie Choo’s, Cabaret Club, Bangkok

– Open daily 7 pm – 2 am

– Admission free

– Grand opening on June 8th at 7 pm

– Download catalogue




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